Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Visit Residents in Taman Permata on 24 May 09

It was a scorching Sunday evening when we walked and visit each family. Great exercise for all the members of the team!

Photo with a Resident

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Trying Times

2009 must pass as a difficult year for all;
Struggling to keep afloat with prices all seem to soar.
Making ends meet is tough for those who is aged and sick.
In MPS, cases are sad and we are trying hard to help the weak and meek;
To toil through this trying times and giving them hope;
A helping help from NTUC; with food vouchers so that they can cope.
Helping the children through school and making sure the little ones are in school;
Desolate, sometime with anguish, what can they do?
With Spurs and Workfare, we hope that such measures help in a little way
With help, there'll be hope everyday
For so long as they need help, we'll be there
To share the burden of residents with too much to bear.
Trying times it may be, our helpers will untiring help
Hearing the hapless and helpless cases, sometime our hearts melt;
Not with sympathy but empathy.
Trying time, O, that's our reality!
One case at a time, one resident at a time
We'll pull through together as Singaporeans in this trying time.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

H1N1 vs Mankind

The H1N1 virus is crippling everyone with fear. All around the world, we fear the worst if there is a community outbreak escalating to the scale of Phase 6. This is the time for us to pull ourselves together with a solidarity like what we have done at Sars. We overcame the dreadful and painful memories.

The greatest thing for us all now is to overcome that crippling fear.

Even at tonight's MPS, we are seeing residents are usual as I think lives must go on and though we have instituted temperature checks and all necessary precautions, problems and issues of everyday lives will still be heard and we'll still go on relentlessly solving each of our resident's concern.

Like one doctor told me: "Wash your hands as frequently as you can!" and I think that will be the best precaution we can now take.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Good neighbourliness is vital and everyone benefits with a little kindness, tolerance and love for the community.